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“I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with our occupational therapist, Lauren Condoleon. Whenever we see her, we are always greeted by name when we arrive and made to feel welcome. Ms. Lauren treats my son with respect and she always let him know what a great job he's doing.I have seen such improvement since he started going and he enjoys his sessions.I am always told how his sessions went and exactly what they did so I am informed.I am so glad I found a place that both my son and I enjoy going to. I have recommended Ms. Lauren to friends of mine whose children are in need of OT but are on waiting lists elsewhere. Limitless Victory does a wonderful job.”

Angela P, Long Beach Island

Our family was blessed to have Lauren in our life as an occupational therapist for six months when my son was in second grade. Lauren worked on areas that my husband and I were concerned with and from her professional evaluation as well. She wrote out a detailed report that gave us goals for items such as handwriting, focus, attention, coping skills, body awareness, visual-spatial and organization skills. She also worked on fine motor skills and improving my son’s core strength. Each visit Lauren gave us several interventions that we could use at home and in the classroom. These little changes provide large results for us at home and at school. My son would look forward to seeing Lauren and was very receptive to her calm, positive and encouraging personality. We appreciate all that you have done for Christopher and would recommend you to anyone looking for a dedicated and loving occupational therapist.

Alison H, Manahawkin

“My son is diagnosed with Autism. Ms. Lauren has been integral part in identifying and treating my son’s sensory delays. She listens to concerns and offers helpful suggestions and insights. Ms. Lauren has been extremely helpful and resourceful communicators with my son’s school to assist in meeting his treatment goals. They are a huge resource to community referrals. When faced with struggles, the therapists are calm, confident, and competent to handle each respective situation. They not only have a novel approach to treatment, but also an amazing ability to develop a special and heart-warming rapport with my son. He looks forward to going to treatment and his progress in his skills has dramatically increased. All of my experiences have exceeded our expectations and I would highly

recommend their services.”-

CJ, Toms River

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