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It takes a lot of courage to face the challenges in our life, admit that something is off or not working, and figuring out a plan to make a change.

In therapy, we watch the kids and people we work with do difficult things daily. It takes a lot of courage and bravery for them to even try and arise to challenging tasks. For kids it can be as simple as getting on a swing, working on their balance, learning how to button or write their name.

One of my clients' parents says with her child everyday,

"I am strong. I am brave. I can do hard things".

What are you saying to your children to instill courage to move past the obstacles they face? In today's world our kids have been tasked to be very brave. An encouraging word, holding their hand, complimenting them and praising the positive can help boost your child to the next step necessary to achieve success in anything. Also, modifying the task you're working on to make it a "just-right challenge" is key. Make tasks a bit easier (not too hard, not too easy), but achievable usually does the trick.

We believe in building people up here and helping activate courage in each and every client and their family member along the way to their goals.

What have you done lately that has taken a lot of courage?

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