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First Steps to Writing Success- Letter Identification

The first step to reading and writing is letter identification. Working on knowing upper/lowercase letters consistently and quickly with your children will help boost their writing skills substantially. Read more for ideas on where to start and activities to use to work on letter ID!


  • Uppercase Letters first- upper case letters are easier to not only identify but write. They are made primarily of straight lines which are achieved developmentally first. Start here and add lowercase once upper's are mastered.

  • Matching- pairing a visual aide will really help boost grasping this concept.


  • Playdoh letters- squeeze, pinch, roll, and model play doh into upper/lowercase letters. You can print out letter pages/laminate them or simply show them how to build the letters. I always recommend modeling what is expected of children for them to best grasp new concepts. Reinforce good formation and sequencing by following letter cues from Learning Without Tears or other handwriting curriculum's your child's school uses.

  • BUILD letters- Use snap blocks, peg boards, legos and blocks of all shapes and sizes out of blocks, pegs, legos, and more!

  • Dot Page Letters- You can simply write letters on paper or print out dot page letters. Paint dotters are a great, fun tool that helps work on visual tracking, accuracy and the beginning steps of precision skills. Reinforce top-down formation always when learning letters and have fun!

  • Form-board puzzles- Melissa and Doug, wooden, and foam puzzles are a fun way to work on matching letters.

  • Sensory bins- Make a sensory bin out of rice, beans, pasta, feathers, or other fun tactile materials to hunt and find letters! Hide magnet letters, laminated letters, puzzle pieces, blocks, you name it. Use sensory bins as a fun way to find the letters while also working on tactile/sensory skills! If your child has tactile sensitivities start with dry materials-contact us directly for more individualized recommendations!

  • Letter page printouts- color, paint, or fill-in with tissue paper, candy corn, pasta, you name it!

  • Anytime, anywhere- when you're out and about, eating breakfast, or in your own house work on identifying letters they see on boxes, signs, TV, toys, and pictures around your house!

We hope you have fun with these ideas and wish your children great success with learning their letters! If your child is still having difficulties despite using all these ideas, contact us for an occupational therapy evaluation to see how we can help you and your child!

-Limitless Victory Therapy Services- serving children and their families in West Creek, Manahawkin, Stafford Township, Barnegat, LBI region, and more!

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